Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanks and an Update

Thanks so much to all the faithful bloggers who've commented or e-mailed to check on me during my LONG break in posting!  I really appreciate your letting me know I've been missed -- bloggers are Good Folks!  I don't have any exciting or tragic reason for the hiatus -- just a Dull and Dutiful one.  It was a HOT summer with 90 days of triple-digit temperatures -- the last on September 29th.  And then the semester started with a bang in August, and now I've just finished grading midterm exams!  My tablescaping motivation got lost in the shuffle, I guess.  I am starting to feel like playing with dishes again, though, with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching.

In other news, last weekend our grandchildren came to visit without their parents. It was a win-win-win situation, as all three parties thought they got the best deal!  Our daughter and son--in-law enjoyed some kid-free time, the grandchildren always love to come to our house, and we, of course, are always thrilled to see them!  It was a busy weekend, with a trip to the zoo and the park, now that the weather has finally cooled off.  We also made the adorable Halloween brownie pops that are everywhere this season.  I followed the wonderful tutorial provided by Kim at Sand and Sisal, and the children had a great time mixing up the brownies, shaping the baked brownies into pumpkins and ghosts, and then dipping them in orange and white candy melts.  Here's a photo of the children showing off their handiwork!

Thanks for stopping by!