Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Few Wedding Photos

We don't have the official photos yet from my son's wedding, but here are a few I like!  I thought this one my daughter took of my father-in-law and my grandson sharing a laugh on the back pew before the wedding was priceless!  At ages 88 and 4, respectively, I believe they were the oldest and youngest present at the wedding festivities.
Here's a photo of the bride -- my new daughter-in-law, Amanda -- with my grandchildren who served as the flowergirl and ring bearer. 
Here's one of the bride and groom cutting the groom's cake.
The ring bearer got a little impatient, waiting for cake. Here he is, begging them to cut the cake, already!
Here he finally gets a slice!


  1. I REALLY enjoyed seeing these photos. Every one is priceless! I just adore the first with your fil and grandson. Boy is he photogenic or what? Your granddaughter is so pretty too. Loved seeing the pretty bride and handsome groom. Since my daughter recently married I am still "in to" weddings! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Confession: I'm a wedding junkie. I love them. More properly, I LOVE them. I don't even have to know the couple to enjoy snooping at their blessed event.

    Said all that to say, I loved snooping at yours through this post. You could post even more, and I'd be lovin' it.

    BTW, your new DIL kind of resembles you. Have you noticed that? What a compliment!

  3. Congratulations to the bride and groom! I especially love the two-generation pic; that's a treasure... Welcome back to Blogland, Tricia. Thought I'd been an official follower of your blog all along, but just realized I'd never actually done so. Remedied that now!

  4. Absolutely beautiful couple! Congrats.. that ring bearer needs a really big hug!

  5. These are so awesome. The pro's pics can't beat some of these. I know the first one with the FIL and grandson is an instant heirloom. What memories to cherish. Thanks for sharing, I had wondered about you but I figured it was me being so slow about catching up after Christmas.
    Looks like you got the best kind of Christmas gift a sweet DIL. They are a lovely couple. Congrats. Ginger