Thursday, December 15, 2011

Such Sweet Sisters!

I am blessed with two wonderful sisters, both of whom are EXCELLENT at gift-giving.  Last night, the UPS man delivered a box that held a beautifully wrapped gift from my sister in Dallas, with a tag reading, "Open NOW!"  I was happy to oblige and found these adorable Santa place card holders inside!  I can't wait to use them in a tablescape, and they'll also be cute holding cards to identify dishes for a buffet. 

Earlier this month my other sister in Nashville sent me a box with six different types of Jeni's ice cream, including such amazing flavors as frankincense and almond cake and smoked tea and plum pudding.  They are AMAZING, and it's been lots of fun to sample the different flavors.

I am thankful to have such fabulous sisters!


  1. Tricia, those are the cutest little name card holders. Sisters are the best!

  2. Tricia.. those are soo darling.. I love santa's and these are excellent specimens.. Can I borrow your sister just for a day? LOL.. Thanks so much for dropping in, your sweet comments always inspire me to be better! Merry Christmas, xo marlis

  3. Those are wonderful little Santas. On top of it, I feel like the biggest "well, duh!" moment just washed all over me. I never thought to use place card holders on the buffet to identify dishes. Well, duh, Debbie. Great idea!

  4. Aren't those ust the cutest! Love them and I hope to see your tablescape with those...thanks for your sweet visit.

  5. Those are wonderful! You will get great use from them!