Saturday, January 7, 2012

Found While Cleaning

This is the time of year many of us seem to get the urge to purge -- belongings, that is!  This morning I went through drawers and found things to donate to Goodwill,  as well as a few oddities and memorabilia that I thought post-worthy.

First up -- a pair of ecru cotton gloves, last worn in August of 1971 for the president's reception for incoming freshmen at Baylor.  Those were the days when dressing up meant a long dress, and my mother made mine -- ecru cotton trimmed with cotton lace.  Wish I had a photo of the dress!  I'm keeping the gloves, just in case they ever come back into style!  They still fit -- unlike the dress. . . .
In the same vein, I found a pair of cotton performance gloves worn to ring with the handbell choir at a former church.  The handbell choir I'm in now is much more relaxed, with a random collection of gloves we wear when we play in worship and that we take turns laundering.
In the same drawer, I found what's left of a childhood tea set -- two cups, two plates, and the creamer.  I found a place for these pieces in the china cabinet.
Here's a t-shirt that I really should wear more often, given to me by one of my sisters.
The same drawer also holds a small jewelry box for keepsakes, and I especially enjoyed finding the next two items.  The first is a teething ring engraved with my date of birth, and the clock's engraved hands are set to the time of my birth (1:45 a.m.).  My initials are engraved on the back. I must really have teethed on this, because it looks pretty worn!
And, finally, my charm bracelet with charms mostly from my junior high years.  Those of you around my age who grew up Southern Baptist may recognize the green and white GA charms, earned by achieving Queen, Queen with a Scepter, and Queen Regent status in the Girls' Auxiliary.  Any other Queen Regents out there?  I still have my green satin cape and scepter, saved by my mother but now in my possession, as well as the cross-stitched map of the world completed for one of the requirements. 
Thanks for walking down Memory Lane with me! 


  1. Ah, being a Baptist! I have my old charm bracelet, too. I was in GA's, also, but the leadership was such that I didn't stick with it to get to Queen level. I was much more in to all the choir & music activities, which was much stronger in my church. Did the handbells in high school and college. I tried joining the adult bell choir some yes ago at the church that I belonged to then. My carpal tunnel and arthritis just didn't let me keep up with their schedule. I really miss the musical involvement.

    SInce you might appreciate this, I will tell! 45 yrs ago, our youth group was on the way to Glorietta & we stopped at Southwestern Seminary for an overnight stay. 1st, we overloaded and jammed the elevator in our dorm; 2nd, we walked out on one of the balconies that were condemned, but marked; 3rd, a friend was playing on the grand piano in the ballroom and a several of us began ballroom dancing. A man opened the door and informed us that "we don't dance here!". My partner and big mouth asked why was it called a ballroom. We were all escorted out! Ah, youth! I think they were glad to see us load up the bus the next morning. We had good times on the youth trips to Glorietta and Ridgecrest. (I worked at Ridgecrest for the summer of '69 & loved it!)
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  2. Should have said that the balconies were NOT marked as condemned!

  3. Oh how fun to open a drawer that transfers you down memory lane~

  4. Hi Tricia,
    I've been purging junk, I mean things, lately, too.
    Gave two bigs tubs to GW!
    I think your teething ring is the most adorable thing. How precious that you still have it!
    Hope your new year is off to a great start!

  5. WOW! I was in the GAs but I don't think I have any charms. I do have my old charm bracelet though! I'll have to show it on a post soon! I love your blog! I'm having all kinds of fun here! ♥

  6. Oh, wow, I'd forgotten about my GA idea where they are. While one of my friends made Queen Scepter or Regent..I forget. I only made it to Lady in Waiting. I guess I was too lazy to complete all the steps to to any further.
    Went to Camp Pinnacle two years and to Ridgecrest a few years later. Great memories.
    Thanks for sharing. How lovely that you still have your teething ring, too. So sweet.
    I'm a new follower, and headed back to look at some of your other posts. :)

  7. I remember that tea set! Wowzers.