Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome, October!

September was a busy month, but I finally had a weekend at home, just the two of us!  It was high time to start refreshing the house for fall after a long, hot summer.  Here are a few pics of my efforts.  First up, the entryway.  I waited to take photos until we got a glimpse of the sun after two days of rain.
 The branches anchored in coffee beans are new this year -- from my favorite Nashville store, Color.  When I saw them featured on Facebook, I immediately asked my Nashville sister to buy some on my behalf! 
 Here's a closer look at the little orange jingle bells with jack-o'-lantern faces. 
 Even closer -- aren't they darling?
 This pretty bowl belonged to my in-laws, and the colors are perfect for October.
 I bought these candlesticks a few years ago at Pier 1, and I had the candles on hand, too.
Adjacent to the entryway is the dining room.  Fall decorating is tricky in a deep red dining room!  I pulled out my cream-colored ceramic pumpkin candleholders and pale gold candles, and added them to my silver punch bowl holding some small green plants.
 As I mentioned in an earlier post, the plants are "planted" in plastic sandwich bags and loosely arranged in the punchbowl. 
 The "silver" candlesticks have been collected over the years.
 My Dallas sister gave me this tureen years ago, and I like to use it on the dining room table each fall.  Looks like I should have ironed that runner!
Finally, here's the baker's rack in the breakfast area, decorated for fall.  I stole the idea of using a wreath on the top shelf from Judy at JBigg's Little Pieces.  (Thanks, Judy!)  I've had most of these elements for years.  I added some faux berry sprigs to the bottles in a chicken wire holder.  Now that October is upon us, I'm ready for lots of pumpkins!
Thanks for visiting!  I am linking to Marty's Table Top Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life, so be sure to visit her blog for lots of great fall decor.


  1. Beautiful vignettes Tricia. I love all the beautiful images, from the pretty tureen with ducks, to the white ceramic pumpkins and lovely silver candle sticks you have collected. Have a blessed week.

  2. I love your "light" touch with fall decorating Tricia and you're right...those little pumpkins hanging from the branches are just darling. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very tasteful and seasonal. All the areas look good, but I especially like the baker's rack. Now I see what you mean about the big basket under the entry hall table!

  4. Looking Pretty Tricia! I love those adorable branches. So much cuteness!

  5. I love your fall decorating! I so want to decorate for fall in our home if this blasted heat would go away! In the meantime, I will enjoy everyone else's and wait for my moment.

  6. I'm loving your fall decor! The lighting for your photos is beautiful. :)
    Good job!

  7. You have added nice touches of fall around your house. Hope you are enjoying this season.

  8. Coffee beans! That's what I forgot... I'm in the process of finishing my fall decorating. (Yes, late. I've been busy.) I just knew there was something that I did last year that I was forgetting, and it was coffee beans. I'm so glad I visited and got not only reminded but inspired. Your decorations all look just wonderful. Don't you just LOVE fall?

  9. Hello, Dear! I've just discovered your lovely blog, and I'm now following you ~ so nice to meet you!

  10. Your decorations look lovely - I especially like the idea of how you planted the plants in bags and placed them in your silver bowl - great idea! Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box!

  11. Tricia, your decor is lovely. I love how you captured the light. Everything is so inviting. I got in trouble the other day because I hadn't put up much Halloween by the 6 year old grandson! We have been so busy, I thought a little in the kitchen would be plenty! Ha ha! The kiddies do notice.

  12. Oh I love your jingle jacks! And how clever to plant your plants in bags! Thanks for your visit to my Monday treats post. I figure it's a win-win because not only do I share the treats.....I "share" the calories as well!

  13. You are so your idea. Those cute pumpkins look great in the tree. I see you have your Fall on.

  14. Your Fall touches are lovely. The white pumpkins in your dining room are fabulous, & I adore that soup tureen.

  15. You are SO sweet to remember my birthday! Happy birthday to you too! I love your autumn decor. I would jump at those branches too. So pretty. I love their elegant simplicity. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate them so much. Hopefully I will get back to some table settings or at least regular blogging soon.