Friday, January 10, 2014

Reading in 2013

Inspired by a number of my favorite bloggers who have posted a list of titles read last year, I decided to join in and post mine.  I love to read and have always read for fun, even in the throes of graduate school and while working full-time and raising children.  Reading keeps me sane, I think!

Unfortunately, I did not keep a comprehensive list of everything I read last year, but since the vast majority of my reading is done on my iPad, my Amazon digital orders provided a list of all the books I bought there, and that's the list you'll see below.  (Of course, that also allowed me to tally up how much I spent -- yikes!  "One-click" shopping can be dangerous!)  I did read several "actual" books, usually gifts, and I also was delighted to  learn how to download library books to my iPad.  If you aren't using to borrow from your local library, you should be!

One indication I'm reading too many e-books?  More than once I've found myself tapping the side of the page of a real book, expecting that to turn the page like it does on the Kindle or iPad!

Title Author
Yesterday's News Kajsa Ingemarsson
The House at Riverton Kate Morton
The Forgotten Garden Kate Morton
The Sound of Broken Glass Deborah Crombie
Downsizing Your Home with Style Lauri Ward
Winter of the World Ken Follett
The Violets of March Sarah Jio
Coming Home Mariah Stewart
Home Again Mariah Stewart
A Week in Winter Maeve Binchy
Devlin's Light Mariah Stewart
Sand Castle Bay Sherryl Woods
Three Sisters Susan Mallery
A Different Light Mariah Stewart
Starting Now Debbie Macomber
Down the Garden Path Beverley Nichols
Tapestry of Fortunes Elizabeth Berg
Life After Life Kate Atkinson
Semi-Sweet:  A Novel of Love and Cupcakes Roisin Meaney
The People Next Door Roisin Meaney
Life Drawing for Beginners Roisin Meaney
The Daisy Picker Roisin Meaney
One Summer Roisin Meaney
Something in Common Roisin Meaney
A Room Full of Bones Elly Griffiths
Wind Chime Point Sherryl Woods
A Dying Fall Elly Griffiths
Villette Charlotte Bronte
The Coffin Trail Martin Edwards
The Cipher Garden Martin Edwards
The Arsenic Labyrinth Martin Edwards
The Serpent Pool Martin Edwards
The Frozen Shroud Martin Edwards
The Hanging Wood Martin Edwards
The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls Anton DiSclafani
A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet Sophie Hudson
A Single Thread Marie Bostwick
All the Lonely People Martin Edwards
The Burgess Boys Elizabeth Strout
How the Light Gets In Louise Penny
Red Sparrow Jason Matthews
And the Mountains Echoes Khaled Hosseini
The English Girl Daniel Silva
As Always, Julia Joan Reardon
This is the Story of a Happy Marriage Ann Patchett
Faithful Unto Death Stephanie Jaye Evans
Safe from Harm Stephanie Jaye Evans
Lowcountry Boil Susan Boyer
Lowcountry Bombshell Susan Boyer
Dear Life Alice Munro
Miss Buncle Married D.E. Stevenson
Miss Buncle's Book D.E. Stevenson
The Goldfinch Donna Tartt
Cool-Season Gardening in Central Texas Melody Fitzgerald
The Wedding Machine Beth Webb Hart
Sycamore Row John Grisham
The Racketeer John Grisham
A Bird in the Hand Ann Cleeves
King and Maxwell David Baldacci
What My Mother Gave Me Elizabeth Benedict
Whole Latte Life Joanne Demaio
Snowflakes and Coffee Cakes Joanne Demaio
Only the Innocent Rachel Abbott
The Sixth Man David Baldacci
Split Second David Baldacci
Hour Game David Baldacci

That's 66 books, so a little more than one per week.  December was the big winner, with nine books read that month.  Yay, Christmas holidays!  Many of the books are "light" fiction -- good escapism and relaxation!  You'll also see that when I find an author I like, I read a lot of his/her books. I love discovering a new prolific writer!  Also, there's very little non-fiction here.  I read a lot of that for work, so stick primarily to fiction for recreational reading.  

I am always up for book suggestions, so please comment with any titles you'd recommend!  


  1. I just read through that entire list, and I am ashamed to say that I haven't read a single one of them! I need to see if my sister has. She is in a book club and has read more/different books than I.

    I laughed about clicking the side of the book. I'm going to tell my daughters that story.

  2. I have been keeping track of my books on Goodreads. I got a Kindle last fall and now I find I am reading lots of books cause just click to buy is sooooo easy!

  3. Tricia - I really enjoyed seeing your list. I have spent so many hours reading in my life that I find that I do not read as many these days. I am much more selective and I spend many hours doing research, which is certainly reading!! At this age, I stop reading a book, if I do not like it. I never used to do that - it was a point of pride to finish every book that I started. Also, my taste in books is so different that I hardly ever recommend the books I love, because most people do not like the same books that I do (there is probably something very wrong with me - lol!). I am just happy that so many of our blogging friends READ - I saw some depressing statistics on FB the other day, about the reading habits in this country. Dismal!! Happy New Year to you and your family!