Saturday, June 17, 2017

Three Weeks into Retirement

For readers who haven't heard me exulting all the way from central Texas, I retired at the end of May, after a long career in education.  I began as an elementary school teacher back in 1975 -- here I am with my very first class.

In between, my husband and I earned our doctorates at the University of Georgia, then worked at FSU for 11 years and LSU for eight, then spent the last 17 years at Baylor University. Primarily, I was an administrator, but I also taught one class -- Sociology of Education -- each semester.  Here I am with students from my very last class -- on Portfolio and Pizza Day.

Immediately after my exit interview on my last afternoon at work, my husband whisked me away for a week at the beach with our children and grandchildren.  Our daughter found a great house to rent at Surfside (west of Galveston), and we all had a fabulous time together, with lots of beach time, games, cooking, etc.  Here's a photo my older granddaughter took from the deck.

Here's my youngest grandchild enjoying the beach.

The house had a very well-equipped kitchen, and we made cookies twice and brownies once.

After the week at the beach, we returned home, where I wrote a to-do list about a mile long, then got busy.  I have been going through drawers and cabinets, culling items for a neighborhood garage sale in August, and I was also in a sewing mood.  I made a new cover for my sewing machine, a dress for my granddaughter (can you tell I love piping?), and -- by her special request -- a baseball uniform for her doll.

I have also resumed daily morning walks with my husband, and the late afternoons are spent with him, relaxing in our pool.  I've also gone to lunch with friends -- a special "perk" of retirement -- and renewed my library card!  I have some big projects planned for later this summer -- painting a couple of rooms and possibly even -- gulp -- upholstery.  Thanks to all my Blogland friends for continually inspiring me with your ambitious projects! Keep 'em coming!


  1. Love the pictures, especially of your first teaching job. The cover for th sewing machine turned out great. Maybe one day I'll ride back to Austin with Mary and make it over to Waco so we can have lunch together.

  2. Oh my word, congratulations on your retirement. Sounds like you are enjoying life as it should be. Time with family, sewing, cooking, cleaning and spending time with family and friends, it doesn't get any better than this. Thanks so much for your nice visit and your gracious comment about my headboard makeover. I finished the upholstery and it really did turn out great. I have a how to coming up on Wed. Stay tuned, lots more diy.

  3. Retirement is great - I also had a career in education and began the same year as you. I have been retired for 5 years now and enjoy every day! I still dabble with supervising student teachers and jewelry merchandising, but mostly enjoy traveling! Life will only get better for you!! ENJOY!

  4. Wow, your picture with your first class is a treasure! What a life filled with education. Looks like you are still teaching classes on cooking!
    What a fun vacation to get away with the kiddies. How marvelous.
    Keep enjoying retirement!

  5. Congratulations on your retirement, Tricia! I hope you're enjoying checking things off your to-do list. Mostly, I hope you're having a great time catching up with friends, family, and books!

  6. Well big congratulations are in order! You've had quite a career and one to be proud of! I know the Baylor University name because of Chip and Joanna Gaines! Sewing used to be one of my favorite things to do but I slacked off and haven't done much for a long time. Sounds like you have a great start to retirement- enjoy!