Sunday, June 6, 2010

Almost Eight Weeks Post-Op

I am doing well at nearly eight weeks after my bunion surgery.  My doctor gave the go-ahead to bear weight on the foot after five (LONG) weeks of using a knee scooter to get around.  He told me to keep the bandage on until week 6 and to walk using the clunky post-op shoe, then transition to a larger athletic shoe. 

Since I had a trip to Chicago planned that would involve a lot of walking, I went to Academy and tried on various shoes, finally settling on a  pair of men's black New Balance walking shoes in size 8.5 EEEE  (so dainty!), as well as some thick black ankle socks.  Those worked very well for lots of walking in Chicago, and I also discovered that I could wear my Teva sandals (with Velcro closure) for short periods.  None of my regular shoes, even though they accommodated my pre-surgery bunion, would work. 

On the stroke of week 6, I cut off the bandage and enjoyed a LONG, LONG shower -- my first since the surgery.  Bliss! 

Now it has been almost eight weeks since the surgery, and I'm still alternating between the men's walking shoes and the Tevas, wearing the walking shoes to work.  Thankfully, I haven't been called upon for a public presentation, as it's hard to look professional wearing men's walking shoes!  It may be a while until the swelling in my healing foot subsides and I can resume wearing my regular shoes.  If you can suggest any shoes that might accommodate a somewhat swollen right foot, suggest away!  I finally resumed driving yesterday, after relying on my husband to chauffeur me around for nearly two months.  Guess where I went?  Yep, shopping!

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  1. Two months is a long time so glad to hear you are walking again. Trish