Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Collection Grows. . .

Last month many of my family members gathered in Little Rock to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday.  We had a wonderful, four-generation weekend together, with lots of love and laughter shared.  Here's a photo of Mama, ready to go teach Sunday School.  (She teaches a group of women ages 85 and up -- the "Heaven Bound" class.)  I hope I am as active and healthy as she is when I'm her age!

Shortly after I arrived at my parents' house, Mama said she had a surprise for me.  "But it's YOUR birthday!" I protested.  She led me into her living room, and there on her table was a set of china!  That very morning while reading the want ads, Mama had seen a set of Castleton Gloria for sale -- eight place settings for a very good price.  She called the seller, told him she wanted it, and he delivered it -- all before I arrived that afternoon.  Mama knows I love china, so she decided I "needed" this set.  Who was I to argue with my mama?? 

Now, the tricky part was -- how was I going to get home with the china, since I'd flown?  Mama had already thought of that.  My daughter and granddaughter were driving up from Houston, and they could take it back to Texas, then bring it to me the next time they came to my house.  Problem solved!

And if new china weren't enough, my sister from Nashville had brought me a gift from my favorite store there, Color -- a set of placemats and napkins that went perfectly with the Gloria, as well as some wonderful hydrangea napkin rings!  Do I have a great family, or what??

I know you're ready for some pictures now, if you're still with me after that long backstory.  This past weekend my daughter and her family visited us and brought the china, so at last I've been able to play with my new dishes and set a table using the placemats, napkins, and napkin rings from my sister.  Here's a look at the dinner plate -- taupe roses on cream, trimmed with robin's egg blue near the rim and a gold-trimmed pearl edge.
Castleton Gloria pattern
Here's a look at the placesetting.
  This closeup shows the perfect color match between the plates' trim and the table linens my sister chose.
Here's an even better look, and you can also see the wonderful pattern of the placemats.
Of course, to go with those adorable napkin rings, I needed some hydrangeas for the centerpiece!  I was in luck -- HEB, our local grocery store, had them in just the right color. 
Here's a view of the table, set for four.
One little detail I love about Castleton patterns is that the inside of the teacups is usually decorated. 
Here are some other examples, from my mother's and sister's patterns.  I've enjoyed posting tablescapes with their china before.  Click on the captions if you'd like to see more.
Castleton Empire
Castleton Ma Lin
Castleton Mayfair
Here's another view of the table.
And one more look at this pretty pattern. . . .
Now the only challenge will be finding a place to store all these new dishes!  I will be linking to Let's Dish at Cuisine Kathleen this week, so be sure to visit to see other dish-related posts!


  1. How fabulous of your mother and your sister!! I am amazed how the china matches so well with the linens. The china is absolutely beautiful and the hydrangeas are perfect!

    Thank You for sharing your beautiful tablescape and I hope you have a wonderful day!

    I'm having my very first blog giveaway and would be delighted to have you stop by!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  2. Yes honey, you have a wonderful and generous family! Your china is stunning!! and wow, your mom knows what her daughter loves and gives it to you right on her birthday, lol..She is a very pretty lady and I can tell she is also very healthy and active, I have an 82 yr. old mother who is like that too. God bless your dear mother on her birthday!
    PS: I love all the other patterns, specially the Castleton Emprire...but yours is my fav!

  3. your family taking any adoption requests? Those dishes are stunning and will be a collection that will serve you well forever along with a wonderful memory and story to pass on. Happy Birthday to your mama and thanks for sharing.

  4. Tricia,
    What a lovely set of china. I am sure you will think of them every time you use the china. Isn't family great!
    Blessings My Friend,

  5. Tricia, Your mother is lovely! I am a bible study leader for BSF and for the past two years have enjoyed the company of one lady who is 90 years old.. what a delight to have her objective in our group.

    Your dishes.. omg, you are soooo blessed. I love that pattern. Taupe is my favorite color in the world and then taupe with roses - be still my heart. Your sister chose beautiful colors for the placemats and napkins.. The rings are so pretty. Glad you found the hydrangeas for the centerpiece.. I love your new pieces.. you have some treasures, in the pretties and in your family. Be blessed.. xo marlis

  6. I want to belong to your family, Tricia. My family is just not as as crazy as dishes as I am, lol. The dishes are so pretty. What a thoughtful family you have! Belated happy birthday to your mom, she looks soooo good! She should celebrate more birthdays, so you will get more presents...Christine

  7. Oh what a sweet mama, daughter and granddaughter that made this all happen for you to get these dishes. They are lovely and your setting is beautiful. Enjoy...

  8. When I see the rest of the family Castleton, it becomes apparent why your Mama bought the "Gloria". I have the Castleton "Laurel" and the Castleton "Blue Empire" with the wide blue rim. I adore the pearl edge; we have both been blessed with regal china. My "Laurel" was my mother-in-love's wedding china. I've bought the Empire over time through eBay. Your sister absolutely hit the mark with the linens. I adore that Tiffany Blue/Robins Egg Blue shade. My sweet KC is planning to paint the new nursery a Robins Egg Blue. You're going to thoroughly enjoy using your beautiful new treasure. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  9. Your mother is a lovely lady and looks many years younger than her age.

    Oh, pretty, pretty pattern...the napkins/placemats really bring out that little bit of aqua around the plate border.

  10. Tricia, it's wonderful that your mom is still with you and is so active. She looks terrific! What a dear to have noticed the listing for these dishes and then to arrange for you to have them. They are gorgeous. I like the simple rose in a single tone. Did you see Purple Chocolate's table this week? If not, go take a look. ;-)
    I've been out of town off and on recently with little computer access, so I've just spent sue time catching up a bit. I can see I'm behind on many of your wonderful tablescapes. Love the bright colors on the previous one.
    Have a great 4th of July, and happy birthday to your mom. ~ Sarah

  11. Tricia, This is awesome. Castleton china is so beautiful. Not only is your mother a lovely and active lady, she is so thoughtful. She is a treasure.
    The pattern is beautiful and the linens are a perfect match. You know I love the napkin rings. Gotta look for those. Awesome. Hugs, Ginger :)

  12. Wow, what a beautiful set, and the placemats and napkins are so pretty!

  13. Wow. I love your Mamma! That service is stunning and looks wonderful with the place-mats bringing out the dainty trim on the plates. What a great surprise!

  14. How lovely your new china is and how sweet and beautiful your mother is. What a delightful family you have they sound very dear. Thanks for sharing your lovely table with us.

  15. Hi Tricia! My fiance's maternal grandmother just gifted us 3 place settings in the Gloria pattern. They were the fine china pattern she registered for in 1950 when she got engaged! They only received 3 place settings as gifts, and a lot more of another pattern they also registered for, so she carefully saved these dishes (brand new) for 62 years! I just got engaged in September, and as a former china buyer in NYC, have always been picky about my china, but can't afford what I desire. Being given an heirloom is exactly what I wanted, and I am so in love with that pretty blue border and the modern taupe/gray roses. It's funny that Castleton back then was known for their modern designs, and even to this day, those roses are still "modern" in my book. Seeing your tablescape just made me fall even more in love with these beautiful dishes, and I cannot wait to collect more pieces! I wish I was fortunate enough to find an affordable set locally. I just love those placemats and napkins with the hydrangea rings. What kind of silver and crystal do you have them paired with? I'd love to get some placemats. I'm thinking about turquoise placemats or turquoise chargers. Not sure. If I did turquoise chargers, maybe I could do gold placemats. I think turquoise on turquoise is a bit much. Not sure! :)