Monday, June 18, 2012

Pink Geraniums and Polka Dots

My pink geraniums have been enjoying the early summer weather, and one pot of them had so many blooms that I thought it deserved its very own tablescape.  They almost look neon pink in this photo.
I don't have much pink in tableware, but I did pick up four melamine salad plates in Macy's when we were in Chicago recently, and they feature some pink.
Here's a look at a placesetting, with light turquoise placemats and darker napkins, both gifts from one of my sisters. 
Here's a little closer view of this fun melamine pattern. 
And here's a view of the full pattern.  I'd spotted these earlier in the year, but when they were 50% off, I had to get a few!
The turquoise stemware is acrylic, found at Target earlier this spring.
I've had red geraniums the past several years, but this year decided to go for the hot pink ones, and I really like the pop of color they add to our patio.
Another view of the tabletop. . . .
And a view back toward the house.  You can see the solar rings floating in our way-too-shady pool, attempting to warm up the water to a comfortable temperature. 
Another view. . .
One more close-up . . . .

Thanks for visiting my backyard table this week! 
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  1. Oh, I love geraniums! I usually pick red ones, because they look best with my house. However, your pink ones are beautiful. I love those dishes - you could never be sad looking at those. Great find!

  2. I am moving to your back yard. for eternity.. Love it. Your table is so perfect back there. My new love is turquoise and you have some real pretties right there. The placemats and napkins go perfectly with your new plates. Which are so darling. Lucky you to get them on sale. Say hello to Chicago for me, I miss that town!!! xo marlis

  3. I love the turquoise with the red! Nice combination!

    Beautiful setting!


  4. Your geraniums are just lovely! So lush and healthy! The turquoise really sets them off. Very pretty outdoors tablescape. Love your placemats/napkins. Cute dishes, and the acrylic stemware is fabulous.

  5. I think your backyard setting is so beautiful. It looks cool there, and as we are just starting a heat and humidity wave, I think it would be the perfect place to be right now! My parents had a solar blanket on their pool, and it did warm up the top layer enough to ease the pain of getting in! I have always had pink flowers, including geraniums, but last year I had red, which attracted hummingbirds! I just purchased more red, for the birds, but seeing yours I am craving the pink again! Linda

  6. So very the color combinations and your geraniums are gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you learned a new word....Palapa

  7. The geraniums deserved the spotlight. They are gorgeous! Your new melamine plates are darling and perfect for al fresco dining in your beautiful back yard. Just think, a month from now you'll wish that the water in the pool was just a little bit cooler. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  8. Very pretty, Tricia. Love the color combinations and your super geraniums.

  9. This whole scenario looks so inviting! I am so surprised that you have to warm up the pool -- in Dallas???

    Your table is wonderful. I think my favorite thing is the placemats -- I just love that detail around the edge and the little beads.

  10. Tricia, Great color combo. I want your sister to adopt me, those placemats and napkins are beautiful. The plates are very pretty and colorful and I would never have thought the goblets were not glass.
    Thanks for sharing your, hot, hot pink geraniums and the beautiful tablescape with us.
    Blessings, Ginger

  11. Cute table to usher in summer! Tricia, your geranium is gorgeous. Is it a Martha Washington?

  12. What great colors! Those napkins and placemats are wonderful! I would never have known those glasses were acryllic, very pretty!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish! Have a great weekend!