Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Emily's First Tablescape

I am writing today from Ohio, where I'm visiting my newest grandbaby, a darling little girl named Emily!
 My husband and I flew up when she was a week old to help out for a few days.  Here is Granddaddy, giving Emily some cooking tips.

Emily is named for two of her great-great-grandmothers.  Emily's mother, my daughter-in-law, has a wonderful, large set of Friendly Village dishes from her great-grandmother.  They've been packed away since they moved to a new house earlier this year, so during nap time for mother and baby, I unpacked a few for them to use when the other grandparents visit at Christmas.  Of course, I couldn't resist doing a little tablescape with these pretty dishes!  

Their dining table already had a plaid runner and candlesticks, and right outside their front door are holly bushes covered with red berries, so those comprised the centerpiece.  
I used the School House dinner plate and the square Covered Bridge salad plates..
Here's a closer look at the Covered Bridge.
Here's a view toward the snow village our son set up.  He always used to set ours up, so I'm happy to see him continuing the tradition for Emily.
Here are a few more views of the table.

Thank you for visiting Emily's first tablescape! I plan to link to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch and Let's Dish at Cuisine Kathleen.


  1. Tricia, congratulations on Emily. She is a keeper. You are so funny tablescaping at their home -- it put a smile on my face. I love the Friendly Village plates and that bright red tablecloth. Joni

  2. Oh, gosh. Isn't she just the most precious thing. Glad you are starting her out early. And won't the other set of Grandparents be thrilled to see the family dishes set up so nicely.
    Merry Christmas to you and your newly expanded family.

  3. How exciting to have a beautiful new granddaughter. Aren't grands the best? Emily is so beautiful and how lucky to be getting cooking lessons already. :)
    Your Friendly Village dishes are perfect for Christmas. FV is one of my favorite patterns.

  4. Tricia, Emily is precious. Emily is my mother's name and one of my favorites. So happy for you that you are getting this time with your son and his family.
    Of course you wanted to create a tablescape. It's lovely! How special that your DIL has a set of these charming dishes.
    Have fun and enjoy your time with sweet little Emily..........Sarah

  5. Oh, Emily is so precious! Congratulations to all of you!
    Beautiful dinnerware. How lucky the parents are, that you were able to visit and help out (And set a lovely table!)

  6. Those are wonderful dishes and you did a great job on the table. It looks so festive and inviting!

  7. Tricia, that baby is just precious! One of my granddaughter's middle name is Emily. Love that name. Such a pretty tablescape. When we were teens, my sister and I gave our Mother a set of "Friendly Village" for Chritmas one year. We were so proud of ourselves. I still love those dishes. Thank you so much for your prayers for our little Cooper. laurie

  8. Tricia, I say you start 'em off young, real young. Emily is adorable, I am so glad that you got to see and hold her. Grandpa seems to be having a great also.
    You are so sweet to unpack and set up this beautiful tablescape. Those dishes are beautiful and I love the covered bridges. I bet DIL was thrilled to see this beautiful display. Your son is certainly a keeper. It is so important to keep these traditions going. Time passes quickly, Emily will be helping him in no time.
    Have a Merry Christmas, Ginger

  9. Those dishes are absolutel precious. Oh, you did such a lovely job with the table. And Emily is the best "decoration" of all. I have a new granddaughter, too! Isn't it wonderful? Susan

  10. Congratulations! And I love that you're starting her young! My 3 year old loves "playing table" with me. I enjoyed the simple beauty of your table setting. Hope Emily did too!
    Jessica @ A Humble Creation

  11. What a sweet little angel. Emily is beautiful and what a joy. Your table is lovely. A very special day to share later in life. Happy holidays.

  12. Awww Little Emily is precious. Any tables cape would be lovely in her presence! Have an incredible Christmas.

  13. Congrats on the new little adorable, sweet doll baby grand!! This are the best treasures in life and a great early C'mas gift for the parents and the entire family! The dishes are gorgeous and what a treasure your Sil has, nothing better than heirlooms. Thank you dearest Tricia for coming into my kitchen and for the sweet comments you left me. Happy holiday season.

  14. Congrats on your new blessing. She is pretty sweet and adorable. I love those dishes. They are so pretty. Great table. have fun and then safe travels.. xo marlis

  15. Emily is beautiful! So sweet of you to introduce her to your favorite hobby, and to us!

    Pretty table, I'm sure the relatives will love it!


  16. You are SO funny, Grandma! Mom and baby are napping, and you're in there unearthing boxes of dishes!!! SO funny! (I probably would have been doing the same thing, so I have my nerve to talk!)I don't know that I would have been able to resist, knowing this beautiful pattern was just sitting there in close, and yet so far! :-) You did a wonderful job with your tablescape. The setting reminds me of a scene from the movie "Housesitter" with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin. I love that New England old money look and feel!!! Congratulations to your family on the birth of Emily! I just know you are enjoying her so much!!!!!! Have fun!

  17. Congratulations, Tricia! Baby Emily is so cute!!!! Beautiful table. I always love using the Fiendly Village whenever it starts getting cold....Christine

  18. What a precious baby! I love the Friendly Village pattern and wish I had some!

  19. The whole design pops perfectly against the backdrop of the dark wood of the table. Friendly Village is such a great pattern for the ages. Emily is gorgeous...perfect in every way! Congratulations and Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  20. Congratulations on your new little bundle of love, Emily is beautiful. I really like that china get to my parents home we had to cross a covered bridge just below their house.

  21. Congratulations on dear little Emily. What a treasure. Yes, they are such a joy.
    what wonderful plates. I am so glad you got them out and played with them. They are
    magnificent. I love your post title too. Dear Little Emily is going to love that. Squeeze
    her little feet for me!

  22. Congratulations, Tricia! What a wonderful blessing!
    Love those dishes, too, but the baby steals the show!

    Come see my family Cmas Party and Live Nativity. Our youngest grand was baby Jesus, and his little cousin was a lamb! Too cute!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  23. Beautiful table, love, love the dishes. Beautiful granddaughter too, aren't you lucky to have such a doll.

  24. Tricia, I've thought of you several times lately and wondered if a new granddaughter had arrived! I'm obviously late getting here, but I couldn't be more happy for you. Congratulations and best wishes for many MANY happy years ahead with your newest bundle of joy. BTW, Emily's first tablescape is wonderful!