Friday, February 4, 2011

My "New" Kitchen

I finally have something to link to Metamorphosis Monday at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch -- my "new" kitchen.

We have lived with the original (1985) Formica counters since we moved in almost ten years ago, and in that period, the cost of granite has gone down quite a bit.  We worked with a local granite company, Goldstone, and it took us a while to find slabs we liked.  We had to take a little break for Christmas and our son's wedding, but one cold, rainy Saturday last month we drove to Austin and browsed through a giant warehouse of granite.  We wanted something (A) rather dramatic and (B) that would go well with our existing cabinets.  We took the small cabinet door over the fridge along.. Here's one of the two slabs we selected, called Vesuvio. 
Here's the "Before" of the kitchen, just before the old countertops were removed.  We had removed the drawers and emptied all the lower cabinets in preparation -- quite a job!  I should have thought to take a photo of the dining room, chock full of kitchen stuff!
My husband stayed home while the installers were there, and he took photos throughout the process.  Here's the granite arriving in our driveway.
The demolition begins!
The counters go in. .
Notice the seam where the two pieces meet in the photo below.
After they worked their magic -- what seam??
Here's the island, where the installers had to cut out a section for the cooktop.
The next day, the tile backsplash was installed.  They started with the area over the sink.
We decided to keep the backsplash very plain everywhere else, so as not to compete with the granite.
We had to live without a kitchen sink from Monday through Wednesday morning, because the plumber wanted to be sure the undermounted sink's seal was dry.  We were very happy to finally see this!
Here are the "After" views.

We really love the new look!  Thanks for visiting!


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, how I want a look like that in my kitchen. Unfortunately, it's still not in the budget. I love it and think what you picked is just perfect!

  2. Wow, looks fantastic! Congratulations!


  3. What a beautiful transformation! I love the colors you picked and the rounded edges. Your backsplash is so pretty.
    I know you enjoy walking into your new kitchen.

  4. I love the granite and the backsplash looks perfect to me! It's it cool how they do those seams and make it look like one piece?
    Enjoy your "new" kitchen!

  5. how beautiful! great rich you just love waking up and walking in there? :)

  6. Just lovely. I love the backsplash with the granite. Great job.


  7. Wow! It is wonderful, like you I'm still living with original countertops, I'm still in the dreaming stage, yours is truly beautiful.
    hugs ~lynne~

  8. Wow -- what a wonderful kitchen and what a great transformation!

  9. Another wow from me. What a difference. I love it. beautiful granite and the backsplash is gorgeous. I bet you are very happy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. WOW! What a great selection. It works so beautifully with your cabinets. You kitchen is beautiful, I know you are enjoying it so much. Hugs, Ginger

  11. I love the granite and the tile you chose! It's neutral, but very dramatic. You must be thrilled!

  12. What an incredible makeover. You chose a great piece of granite.

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Wow what a beautiful transformation! Your choice of granite is very pretty.

  14. If God looked kindly on coveting....but we know the I'll choose to be thrilled for you to have your gorgeous new countertops! Thanks for stopping by my post. Per your cherry tablescape...of course anything with Cherries is right up my alley! Cherry Kay

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  16. Wow. Your new countertops are lovely. I know you're really enjoying them. They didn't look like they were too messy installing them-how nice! When we built, we ended up doing all our counters in granite-baths and laundry room included. I had saved for ten years so I could have a choice. If you do any cookie baking or pastry baking, you've probably experienced how wonderful the granite can be.