Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank You, Vicki of Curly Willow DIY!

My beautiful new header was designed by the very talented Vicki who blogs at Curly Willow DIY with her best friend Barb.   Didn't Vicki do a great job?  I really love the new look!

A couple of weeks ago, The Tablescaper showed off her new header by Vicki and announced that Vicki had kindly agreed to design headers for some of The Tablescaper's followers.  I was lucky enough to be chosen! 

Do check out Curly Willow DIY to see Vicki's and Barb's inspiring posts!  Thanks again, Vicki!


  1. I noticed the new header before I even scrolled down. Very pretty! She is talented.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your new header! It's so colorful and crisp. It's so fun to "spruce things" up every once in a while! ~Susie

  3. Your new header is marvelous. I will check out the link. I like to change things around every once in a while!


  4. Thank you so much for your comment dear Tricia. See...I look at your patriotic dishes and I want to have them, that's it, they're beautiful! I can't help it! I love all dishes in the world!!! I don't know where to stash them anymore, I have them all over the house, even in the living room, whatever there's a nook!


  5. Tricia, I was one of the lucky ones too. Vicki is certainly talented. I posted my new header just a few minutes ago. Go take a look at how it went from boring to gorgeous! Thanks to Vicki!!! Your's is equally as fantastic. I'm so impressed with how different each one is. ~ Sarah

  6. Lovely! I haven't had mine done yet.

  7. OK, I guess that my other comment, somewhere on this bog, doesn't make sense now. I went to the Curly Willow site, and requested some help. Thanks for that link!